Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interchangeable Pin Pendant Necklace

Interchangeable Pin Pendant Necklace

I love Estate Sales! Giving new life to a pin or brooch that hasn't seen the light of day in years is exciting. Black is my favorite color so I knew a nice mix of neutral beads would bring out the best of this signed pewter pin. (Frederic Pewter Canada is on the back).

There's a tiny item called a brooch converter that I used to attach the pin. Any horizontal pin can be used. The pin is changeable. The beads will go with a multitude of colors. You could have a different necklace everyday!

Swarovski beads and crystals were sprinkled throughout the different mix of seed beads. There are five strands of beads on each side, doubled back to the Bali style toggle clasp and connected with the pewter pin. The clasp is really easy to latch. No fumbling. Measures 20.5" and has a nice weight to it. . . . feels good around your neck.

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